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Comprehensive pet care

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails provides complete and comprehensive family pet care for dogs, cats, pocket pets and reptiles. This includes yearly wellness exams, routine vaccinations and illness screenings, new pet exams, and senior pet profiles. We are also a fully equipped critical care facility able to deal with almost any unforeseen event in your pet's life. We also offer housecalls for routine services (yearly exams and vaccinations) on a limited basis.


Our surgery suite includes state-of-the-art technology. We perform routine spays and neuters. Our doctors have also performed more complicated soft tissue procedures such as cholocystectomy (gall bladder removal), exploratory laporatomy (surgically exploring the abdominal region for abnormalities or foreign objects) splenectomy (removal of spleen), liver lobectomy (removing a piece or lobe of the liver), bowel resection (removing part of the bowel), and orthopedic procedures. We have the most up-to-date anesthetics and monitoring equipment. Our doctors and technicians treat your pets as if they were their own.

Dental care

Our dental area is separate from the surgery suite. Your pet lays on a heated water blanket on a grated shallow tub. We have an iM3 Dental Machine that consists of an ultrasonic scaler for removing calculus and tartar. It also has a low-speed handpiece for applying polish and a water syringe for rinsing the mouth and face. There is a high-speed drill for extracting teeth which is more efficient and less traumatic to tissue than using hand instruments only.

We have digital x-ray which allows us to look for periodontal disease under the gum line. Digital dental is faster than conventional dental x-rays meaning your pet spends less time under anesthesia. Digital x-rays allow us to see tooth root abscesses which are not always evident above the gum line. It is beneficial for extractions so the doctor can see if there are any root abnormalities (for example a 2-rooted tooth that only has one root or cracked or broken roots). It also show us any bone loss that may have occurred which can make the decision easier to either try to save the tooth or to extract it. Full mouth x-rays are an excellent reference for future professional cleanings!

Digital X-Ray

Our imaging services are superior to the traditional X-Ray methods with our new digital X-Ray capabilities. We can take detailed pictures of bone, soft tissue, and body cavities that allow us to see with greater clarity any abnormalities that may be present. The results are ready in 30 seconds and are available via computer. This system allows us to send the pictures to specialists all over the country for consultations and second opinions. Normally, it would have taken 1-2 weeks to get an imaging specialist opinion but instead we can now get results in hours. With this kind of detail, a picture can be worth a thousand words!


Ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic tool for imaging soft tissue and internal organs. It is non-invasive and considered very safe. We use ultrasound for routine things like confirming pregnancies; for more urgent abdominal procedures that evaluate the liver, locate tumors, and focus in on bladder problems; and for advanced dynamic echocardiography heart imaging. Ultrasound is also useful to guide a needle when performing aspirates and tissue biopsies. While it depends on the specific procedure, we are able to perform the majority of our studies without sedation.


We use endoscopy as a minimally invasive method to examine much of the gastrointestinal tract and upper and lower airways.  We have used the endoscope to obtain biopsies, look for tumors or ulcers, and even retrieve a variety of items that dogs and cats seem to think are edible such as socks, underwear, toys, chicken bones, and electrical tape. We are often able to find answers or remove the ingested item without surgery!

In-house laboratory

Our in-house laboratory is set up to handle screening tests for your pet, whether it is an emergency or a wellness visit. Most of our laboratory tests can be completed within a half hour.

The following are some of the more common tests that we can do in our laboratory: Complete blood count (CBC) - analysis of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets Chemistry analysis - analysis of serum chemistry values that evaluate liver, kidney, glucose, protein, and electrolyte values Thyroid hormone analysis - analysis of T4 (one of the thyroid hormones) and cholesterol values used for monitoring thyroid hormone supplementation Coagulation times - analysis of how well the blood is able to coagulate, in cases of poison ingestion or critically ill patients Heartworm and feline leukemia testing - tests that look for the presence of these diseases in your pet Fecal floatation - scanning for the presence of intestinal parasites in your pet's feces

We offer senior wellness profiles for our older patients to help screen for diseases before they become a problem. If you are interested in having this profile performed, talk with your veterinarian during your appointment to see if this is something that can be done.

We also perform bacterial cultures. These are performed to help identify bacteria present and what antibiotics will treat the bacterial infection. Common infections that we culture are wounds, urinary tract infections, and ear infections. We usually have results within 3-5 days of starting a culture.

In some situations, there are tests that we are not able to run here and will need to send out to a reference laboratory.

Dedicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

We maintain a staffed ICU 24 hours a day to care for critically ill and hospitalized animals. In addition to continual monitoring, our ICU is also able to provide IV fluids, blood transfusions, continuous oxygen delivery, and state-of- the-art resuscitation and monitoring equipment.

Medical Boarding Services

Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails offers boarding for pets that have special medical needs. Since we are staffed 24 hours a day, we are able to offer your pet the medical attention that they need. Some examples of conditions for medical boarding include diabetes or epilepsy (seizures). If something should arise when they are here, a veterinarian is alerted and your pet will receive medical treatment when necessary. If you are interested in boarding your pet with us, we would first have one of our veterinarians examine your pet and meet with you in order for us to know what special needs your pet may have. It also gives your pet the opportunity to meet us and become acquainted with their temporary home.

If your pet does not require medical boarding, we recommend Home Away From Home, located in the lower level of our building. You may contact them at (319) 358-9015.


Chemotherapy is a good option for cancer patients who have had surgery but whose cancer was not removed completely or whose cancer has spread to multiple places (metastasis). It is also occasionally used to reduce the tumor size in order to increase the likelihood of complete removal surgically and can also sensitize the tumor to radiation therapy. In some cases, chemotherapy is used palliatively to reduce the size of the tumor to make the patient feel better in the short term. Before starting a chemotherapy protocol, a diagnosis of a specific cancer type needs to be made by your veterinarian and the cancer must be staged in order to determine how much it has spread in the body.

The goal of chemotherapy in dogs and cats is to make them comfortable and hopefully extend the life of your pet. Complete remission is rarely obtained as we do not give high doses of these drugs as is performed in human medicine. A benefit to this is that most often pets do not get sick from their chemotherapy treatment.

BAER hearing testing

We started offering BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) in early 2012. This is "hearing testing" for dogs or cats. Our protocol is to try to keep it quick and simple, and thus we try very hard not to sedate pets for testing.

A few pictures are on our blog.

Rehabilitation & Conditioning

The newest addition to Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails is See Spot Run Canine Rehabilitation. See Spot Run is dedicated to providing animals with post-surgical rehabilitation as well as physical conditioning and weight control programs. Our facility has an underwater treadmill, ground treadmill, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation (e-stim), massage and stretching, as well as a variety of ground exercises to help injured animals make a full recovery, and healthy animals stay that way!

Our rehabilitation program is lead by Dr. Veronica Busick. Dr. Busick is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, certified by the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Busick is aided by Amy Gerst, RVT, who is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

24/7 Emergency Service

While being a "regular" veterinary hospital by day, Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails shares its facility and staff with the Emergency Veterinary Service of Iowa City (EVSIC). EVSIC provides 24/7 emergency care to Johnson County and the surrounding area, including nights, weekends and holidays.
» More about EVSIC

Ongoing Specials

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