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We have written regular newsletters starting when we opened in 1998. Back then we were a part-time, housecall-only practice.

We're working on digitizing them all. For older newsletters, check back at the end of 2011. (Sorry.) However...going back to our first newsletter from 1998 when we were asked "are you still in business" is a blast from the past.



7/1/11Ventilator saves a dog, cancer loses one
Parvovirus by Dr. Hardy
Dog park safety by Dr. Miller
3/1/11Welcome Dr. Jack Hardy
Adopt Puma and Pretty Girl
Dr. Allan Berger passes specialty boards
Heartworm quiz by Dr. Conant
Pet poisoning by Brad Bender
Cuddlers program for hospitalized patients
Referral program


12/1/10Press-Citizen "Best of the Area" award
Revolution heartworm and flea prevention
Holiday hazards
Pumpkin cookie recipe
2010 Systems Unlimited Employer of the Year Award
Financial planning for pet emergencies
7/21/10Welcome Jessica Jett, CVT, technician-manager
Welcome Dr. Alinda Buckingham
Rescue Fun Day 2010
Lyme disease by Dr. Anderson
Leptospirosis by Dr. Miller


5/19/09Spring is here!
Staff news - three babies!
Staff news - welcome Dr. Robinette Dunahugh
Rescue Fun Day 2009
Rehabilitation program by Dr. Busick
Allergies by Sara Hasanoglu


12/20/08Rescue Fun Day outcome
AAHA accreditation
Canine rehabilitation by Dr. Jenn Berger
Rodenticide toxicity by Dr. Brown
Referral program
6/5/08First Rescue Fun Day scheduled
Welcome Tina Dinsdale and Alyse Morris
Pricing inflation
Advances in veterinary medicine by Gina Harrison, RVT
Senior wellness by Amy Gerst, RVT


10/1/07We're more settled after the move
24-hour care by Dr. Brown
Cats for adoption
Rescues not puppy mills by Dr. Delaney
4/1/07Customer service after the move
Saving Rambo
Feline heartworm by Dr. Brown
Lily intoxication in cats
2/1/07Open house invitation
February is pet dental month
Maps of the new hospital


3/1/06Merger of Kolder Pet Hospital with BEBT
New hospital FAQ
Raisin toxicity by Dr. Brown
BEBT history by Dr. Jenn Berger
KPH history by Dr. Delaney




10/1/03New entranceway to the clinic
Welcome Dr. Liz Freeman
Budgeting for emergencies
FUDD obituary
Congratulations assistant Matt Hebl going to vet school
Welcome Sandra Walker and Jayne McQuillen
Kara Fort and Amy Lynch four year anniversary


7/10/02Open house photos
Raffle: how many kittens from two cats?
Fleas and Ticks by Barb Evans-O'Donnell
Second exam room completely completed
7/1/02Raffle: how many kittens from two cats?
7/1/02Raffle continued
3/1/02Working with Dr. Jenni Doll
Open house invitation
Corn snakes by Dr. Jenn Berger
Heartworm disease by Barb Evans-O'Donnell


12/1/01New food room, new exam room
Redirecting destructive cats
Holiday toxins by Barb Evans-O'Donnell
Holiday photos
9/1/01Iowa DOT cancels our move
Oops the foal
Raffle: X-ray interpretation of pregnant critters
Welcome Barb O'Donnell
Separation anxiety by Barb O'Donnell
Dick the sheep
6/1/01Iowa DOT - Cover It with Asphalt
Cat vaccines: FVRCP, FeLV, FIP demystified


12/1/00Clinical chemistry lab
Dog vaccines: DHLPP-C demystified
Heartgard and Frontline discounts
9/1/00New ultrasound machine
Airplane travel with pets
Hypothyroidism in dogs
T3 the turkey chick grows up
7/20/00 page 1Raffle: how many eggs does a tick lay?
7/20/00 page 2Raffle continued
6/1/00Jenn now full-time
Tour of the basement clinic
Pet rats
3/1/00New phone number, receptionist
New exam room
Pet poison control
Poisonous plants
All About Cavies!


12/1/99Finishing the full-time clinic
Welcome Kara Kendall and Amy Kessler Lynch
Animals at the Iowa City shelter
Candidiasis in birds
9/3/99 page 1One year anniversary
9/3/99 page 2Pet CPR - ABCs
6/10/99 page 1Raffle: how many hairs on a dog's back?
6/10/99 page 2Raffle continued
5/25/99 page 1Dental setup
Zoning web site
5/25/99 page2Fleas
Bird behavior
Reptile ticks
2/20/99 page 1Growth
Intro to Dr. Allan and Dr. Jenn
2/20/99 page 2Heartworm - dogs, cats, ferrets
Reptile injury healing
Sick birds hide their illnesses
Adopt a pet - breed rescues


11/21/98 page 1Are you guys still in business?
(Yes we are.)
11/21/98 page2Holidays and pancreatitis
Reptiles and pocket pets

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