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February 2012

January 2012

1/15/12 Blog running behind - check our Facebook site for the latest!
1/13/12 Pulaski has a new home!
1/12/12 Winter pet care tips
1/10/12 Allan getting bit by a kitten live on TV
1/7/12 Happy employment anniversary to Paige and Tonya


December 2011

12/31/11 Happy New Year
12/28/11 Happy holidays from BEBT
12/22/11 Susie ate what?
12/20/11 Peppers the Chihuahua with parvo
12/19/11 Pulaski's medical care
12/16/11 Pulaski the kitten's adoption video
12/13/11 Jet the kitten finds a home!
12/12/11 BEBT wins the annual Best Veterinarian award for Iowa City area
12/11/11 Thanks to Hawk the SAR dog
12/10/11 Thanks from Kimmie
12/9/11 An embarrassment of riches - candy!
12/7/11 More poisonings treated at BEBT
12/5/11 Thanks for Belle
12/4/11 Watch out for rodeticide
12/1/11 A busy day at BEBT

November 2011

11/27/11 Zoey had a stick stuck in her mouth
11/22/11 A young kitten with a humerus fracture
11/19/11 Happy employment anniversary to two assistants
11/18/11 Toilet humor
11/16/11 We are a Best of the Area award finalist
11/12/11 Video of Maggie's disk herniation rehab
11/9/11 Gabe has megaesophagus
11/3/11 Cat-and-mouse

October 2011

10/31/11 Another thanks from Max
10/31/11 Halloween fun
10/30/11 Thanks on a busy day
10/28/11 Big D's FHO surgery
10/27/11 A holiday gift!
10/24/11 Happy 5 year anniversary to technician Amy G.
10/22/11 Good news splenic biospy
10/22/11 A busy Saturday at BEBT
10/19/11 We passed our AAHA review!
10/17/11 Hawkeye Football ticket winner
10/14/11 Vader our blood donor
10/11/11 Happy Veterinary Technician Week
10/10/11 Hello from Charlie the Bloodhound
10/5/11 Tipu playing in the waiting room after pancytopenia
10/5/11 Thanks from Swagger
10/4/11 Thanks Max the cat
10/4/11 Hawkeye Football ticket raffle
10/4/11 Thanks from the state of Kentucky
10/4/11 Repairing a skin laceration in a Doberman
10/1/11 Thanks from Lola's owner!

September 2011

9/30/11 Reattaching Lola's nose (graphic images)
9/29/11 Difficult to induce ovulation in a dog
9/28/11 Remi's pup checks in with us on Facebook
9/28/11 Easy needle removal from cat throat
9/28/11 We compare well to blog on human healthcare cost estimates
9/26/11 Hydrophobic sand to collect cat urine
9/25/11 Veterinary drug shortages
9/20/11 Dr. Allan on KCRG-TV9 Sept. 14, 2011
9/19/11 BEBT at the Annual FACF Dog Walk
9/15/11 Reluctant dog giving a blood sample
9/14/11 Bentley's thorn
9/11/11 Thanks from Joe the dog who spent yesterday at the IC Dog Paddle
9/11/11 Peace on 9/11 and poem from thank you card
9/8/11 Savanah's giant bladder stones
9/8/11 Dr. Allan on KCRG-TV9
9/5/11 Thank you from Cooper
9/4/11 Cooper ate a corn cob (with holder)
9/3/11 Thank you from Sadie

August 2011

8/31/11 Congratulations on Tricia's third year anniversary at BEBT
8/29/11 A laceration repair on a busy night.
8/24/11 A thank you from Lizzie - ate rodenticide and needed transfusion
8/23/11 Thank you from Baron
8/22/11 Press-Citizen article - BEBT participates in the annual Scrub Your Paws for a Cause fundraiser
8/18/11 Welcome back Gina!
8/17/11 Cooper's laparoscopic liver biopsy
8/16/11 Visiting with Thumper the skunk
8/13/11 Slow tonight at BEBT
8/12/11 Max recovered from diabetes
8/12/11 Thanks from Pookie
8/12/11 Mia ate a plastic bag
8/8/11 BEBT Recycles!
8/3/11 Vote for Iowa Humane Alliance
8/2/11 Feel better Max!
8/1/11 Thanks from Max the cat
8/1/11 Busy weekend at BEBT

July 2011

7/28/11 Bilateral hind leg fracture repair outcome
We have 100 or so more posts from 2009-2011 archived which we need to convert. Hopefully up before the end of 2011.



November 2009

11/18/09 Spay day for the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center
11/17/09 Honey bandage for a laceration
11/15/09 Blocked cat with bladder stone
11/13/09 Announcing spay day at BEBT
11/11/09 Jeb foot injury
11/9/09 Ultrasound movie of cat heart with cardiomyopathy and pericardial effusion

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